10 Auburn Tigers Who Played In The XFL

Now that we know the XFL is set to return in 2020, we can only guess what former Auburn players and coaches will be involved.

As for the league’s first incarnation, here are the Auburn Tigers who played in the XFL, according to the rosters at all-xfl.com.

New York New Jersey Hitmen

  • Haven Fields, LB, Baby Boy

Chicago Enforcers

  • Jason Bray, DB

Birmingham Thunderbolts

  • James Bostic, RB
  • Calvin Jackson, DB
  • Quentin Reese, DE
  • Chris Shelling, DB
  • James Willis, LB
  • James Brumbaugh, DT
  • Ed King, OL

Los Angeles Xtreme

  • Dell McGee, CB, A-1

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Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

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Josh Dowdy

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