Samuel’s Intangibles: SEC Championship Game Edition

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Each week columnist Sam Lasseter shares from his unique perspective and predicts the outcome for Saturday’s game.

Well, now what an Iron Bowl it was—we beat Alabama 26–14 to win the west! SEC West Champions!

Don’t be too happy yet. Tiger fans. We have bigger fish to fry this weekend in Tako’s homeland of Atlanta, GA.

What will it take to win this one? It’s always been quite simple, though we as fans seem to make it so very complicated. We must be in the lead when time expires in Mercedes-Benz Stadium this Saturday night, and we are SEC Champions!

What will it take to get the job done? It’s the same basic premise we have won with all season—knock the crap out of ‘em on the defense line and offensive line.

I don’t expect those two things to change this Saturday. You win along the line of scrimmage, and I believe we do that again this Saturday against the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

With KJ likely banged up, who will step up for the Tigers? The answer lies in our new QB Jarrett Stidham. If he can perform like he did in the Iron Bowl—and I believe he will—the Tigers will win. A good game by Jarrett pulls some of the heat off KJ, and gives him a chance to further heal heading into the playoffs.

Nonetheless, Kerryon Johnson is one tough Tiger, and will see game action and play an integral role in propelling his team to the playoffs.

I have full confidence in Kevin Steele’s ability to slow the explosive Georgia running attack. He’ll unleash one of the best defensive fronts to stop the dynamic duo in UGA’s backfield.

As I said the last time we played Georgia, Mr. Holland will know what bubble gum flavor Jake Fromm is chewing after the game. I also believe Mr. Tray Matthews will make a key play that turns the game in the Tigers’ favor.

This game will be a victory for Auburn people everywhere.

Auburn 33 — UGA 24

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is an Auburn graduate, fan and historian. An active member of the Huntsville running community, Sam has completed 21 marathons and ultra runs.
Sam Lasseter

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