Peach Bowl Thought of the Day

Auburn has played in the Peach Bowl five times, winning four games and losing only once.

The only Peach Bowl we lost is also the only one I attended.

So nobody wants to see my Honda at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Or, maybe we do; because winning the Peach Bowl hasn’t been that great either. Here’s what I mean:

Yep—Auburn failed to even make a bowl in the seasons following each of our four Peach Bowl wins.

1990: Beat Indiana — 1991: 5–6
1997: Beat Clemson — 1998: 2–8
2007: Beat Clemson — 2008: 5–7
2011: Beat Virginia — 2012: 3–9

Losing the Peach, however, has precedent to precede unprecedented success; at least in one way. We lost the Peach Bowl in 2001, and then in 2002 began a streak of six consecutive wins over Alabama.

That streak ended the next time we played Alabama after winning the Peach Bowl (2007).

Now, we all know such historical patterns hold no significance for the present. Remember everyone pointing out before Thanksgiving how Nick Saban was 0–6 against Auburn teams that won nine games?

How’d that work out for meaning anything in—oh, wait. Uh, never mind.

So, should we want to lose this Peach Bowl, or even be ready to take solace in history if we do?

Of course, not.

Rather, we simply need to harness this predictive peach power by reversing its polarity.

We’ve never gone bowling after winning the Peach. We’ve never won fewer than six straight over Alabama after losing the Peach. Now we must win the Peach and follow it up with a bowl-eligible season to double the amplitude output of losing the Peach.

In other words, the clearest interpretation of history is that beating UCF will lead to 12 consecutive wins over Alabama.

If this logic seems sketchy, keep in mind I knew people who majored in EE. Also keep in mind that the Mercedes-Benz logo strongly resembles a flux capacitor.

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about Auburn stuff from roughly the same perspective as your own, possibly. Twenty people enjoyed his Tuberville book.
Josh Dowdy

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