Tiger Walk: 2017 SEC Championship Game

2017 SEC Championship Tiger Walk T-Shirt

When and where is Tiger Walk for Auburn’s SEC championship game against Georgia on Dec 2, 2017? According to AuburnTigers.com, there will be no Tiger Walk for this game—the buses will drop off the players inside the stadium.

There will, however, be an Auburn pep rally at 1:00 CT within the Dr. Pepper FanFare at the Georgia World Congress Center. You have to pay to get into that.

What to wear?

Auburn Athletics encourages fans to wear BLUE to the game.

Also, here’s some important shaker information from Aubie:

Now, as for the game itself . . .

Georgia has both the advantages that Auburn had in the first meeting. They’ve got something to prove, and they’ve got home field advantage. Ok, it’s not a true home game for them, but it’s close enough—they’ll feel a sense of we must protect this house.

Auburn will feel a sense of we must protect this five-game winning streak that includes two wins of No. 1 ranked teams in three weeks. The pressure is on us.

We’ve played our best ball coming out of the challenger’s corner. Can we now do it when we’re expected to?


Why? Because this is Auburn. Wait—sorry; I mean, because this team has a certain intangible that no Auburn team since 2004 has clearly exhibited. We have a team full of leaders.

Think about it. Would you say Jarrett Stidham, or Kerryon Johnson or any other one player is carrying this team?


While both those players—and several others—are playing at a very high level, you still get the sense that every 2017 Tiger is showing up with that right mixture of energy and focus that everyone has to have when you don’t have a once-in-forever guy like Cam Newton.

Wait a minute. Are you sure focus is the right word?

Focus takes many forms. During the Iron Bowl pregame Stan White said something along these lines. If a businesslike approach works for you, go with it. But, if you play your best when you’re loose and having fun, then go with that!

Wise words, wouldn’t you say?

I’m hopeful our guys will be as loose and fun-loving as ever at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and they again put together a world-class performance. War Eagle!
2017 SEC Championship Tiger Walk T-Shirt

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
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