These Three Plays, Fam. These. Three. Plays!

2017 iron bowl

If you’re picking a play of the game from the 2017 Iron Bowl, how do you even choose? Instead of just one, here are three types of play of the game. Enjoy!

The Under-appreciated Play of the Game

When Alabama moved the ball so effectively to begin the second half, I experienced a variety of worrisome thoughts. Thankfully, when Stephen Roberts knocked Bo Scarbrough to the ground on the third play of the tide’s next possession, he also put a serious dent in my worries.

In real time, I just thought, what an incredible play. Upon further review, I was extremely relieved that Roberts’ hit was sufficient. He didn’t tackle him, per se—but just cut his legs out.

Any type of shoulder-only-no-wrapping-up hit conjures traumatic ghosts from Auburn football’s recent past. But, here the situation called for it. Roberts made the play the only way he could.

I imagine some bama fans lament the play call. But, when you can put Scarbrough one-on-one versus Roberts, that play is gonna work—unless Roberts plays it perfectly.

If he hadn’t, and Alabama had continued another march to pay dirt . . . Let’s not think about it! Instead, Roberts’ outstanding stop led to a 12-play drive by Auburn, culminating in our next play of the game.

The This-Year-Is-Different Play of the Game

Just a one-yard run up the gut. Nothing special, right?

I know you know better, and maybe you knew before this score that this year was different. Still, this situation is right where we field-goalded ourselves to death in the last few years. So running right at them and scoring made the definitive statement—this year is different.

We can’t move on without acknowledging that Kerryon Johnson must be one of the toughest men on the planet. We ran him straight at the 300-pounders all game, while also asking him to catch screens and throw touchdowns. If he doesn’t win the Heisman, he still deserves a statue at Jordan-Hare, solely on account of this one game.

The Most Iconic Play of the Game

Take another look at this:

Quite an image, isn’t?

We put a lot hope on the shoulders of Jarrett Stidham from the day he chose Auburn. The bammers had a good, hard laugh after the Clemson game. But, our QB has come a long way since then. Guy could be more careful with his eye black, though.

On to Atlanta!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

One thought on “These Three Plays, Fam. These. Three. Plays!

  1. Love this and all three of these plays. The flea flicker to Davis is a close 4th but you are right. Kerryon on a 1 yard up the gut was the ultimate gut punch and illustrated this as a victory of the line of scrimmage. I am sure this deflated the Alabama DL. In past years, that just does not happen. This year it did. WDE!

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