Samuel’s Intangibles: Arkansas Edition

Each week columnist Sam Lasseter shares from his unique perspective and predicts the outcome for Saturday’s game.

I want to remain as positive as possible with my posts here on the Heart of Auburn, but I’ll say just a little bit about last week and move forward. The young men who don the orange and blue deserve our utmost respect. I feel for these young men who fight hard for Auburn victories.

It is painfully obvious that changes need to be made so these fine young Auburn men can achieve the success that their talent is worthy of. I cannot make any decisions regarding the Auburn head coach or AD, but I can remain steadfast in my love of Auburn and the young men who fight hard to bring her glory on the gridiron.

One of the reasons I love Auburn so much is because of my father, who died during the 2010 season. He loved Auburn with a deep passion—so much so that while he lay in the hospital dying I went to his house, got the Auburn hat (pictured) I bought him and put it on his head, and watched one last game with him.

Dad wasn’t aware of my presence, but I had to watch one last game with him. That game was the 2010 Arkansas game, a game Auburn won with a late second half surge to victory.

That day it didn’t matter if Auburn had won or lost, but that I was with my dad. I miss him dearly, and every time we play Arkansas I remember watching one final Auburn moment with someone who meant so much to me. He never went to Auburn, but he loved Auburn just as I do through the good, the bad and the ugly—we bleed Orange and Blue.

Right now doesn’t appear to be a “good” time for Auburn football and Auburn athletics in general. But, as my dad taught me, we are for AUBURN during all seasons and at ALL times.

Auburn was a special place for my dad, and still is a special place for me. I love Auburn despite her warts and problems she may have. I will always “BELIEVE IN AUBURN AND LOVE IT,” in part because of the passion my dad had for his team—the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn 31 — Arkansas 17

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is an Auburn graduate, fan and historian. An active member of the Huntsville running community, Sam has completed 21 marathons and ultra runs.
Sam Lasseter

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