Week 2 Tweet Contest: You Could Be A Winner Too!

Alright everybody, here’s the deal—for next week (the Mercer game) we will again have a tangible prize. It will be something more universally desirable than a 1988 Sugar Bowl media guide. Think officially licensed, but affordable (for me; free to the winner); likely an accessory.

For this Saturday (the Clemson game) there is no prize, but there is a reward to win—namely, to be guaranteed a finalist spot for next week (provided the week 2 winner submits an eligible entry for week 3).

The rules for an eligible entry are the same as last week:

  1. Your entry (or entries) must be tagged this way: #hoatc. (That’s for Heart of Auburn Tweet Contest.)
  2. You must be following @heartofauburn.
  3. You must retweet the pinned tweet on my profile (@heartofauburn) on game day.

For those of you learning about the contest for the first time, here’s what we’re looking for:

Capture the moment—any moment—of game day. If you’re at the game, great.

If not, tweet something from your game day; if that’s just your perception from the tv or radio broadcast (or Twitter!), that’s fine. That’s your perspective.

The week 1 winner was watching from Bozeman, Montana!

The Heart of Auburn staff will choose 3–5 finalists, and then the people will choose the winner by poll on Sunday.

So bring your best stuff and win a guaranteed spot in the poll to win next week’s prize. War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about Auburn stuff from roughly the same perspective as your own, possibly. Twenty people enjoyed his Tuberville book.
Josh Dowdy

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