Vote Now! Week 1 Tweet Contest Finalists

War Eagle, everybody! Was yesterday perfect? No! But, it was a good win, with an incredible defensive performance; and the offense did some good things to build upon.

The same holds true for the Heart of Auburn Tweet Contest. Here are your week 1 finalists:

Casey Roberts

Did Casey know something before the rest of us about Pettway’s suspension? I don’t know. And, yes—I realize we’re all stressed right now about Kerryon’s apparent hamstring injury, but that makes it all the more important to keep calm and Keryy(or carry!)on.


Ha! Rob de-bammerfied someone in a tweet. I only wish we had the beneficiary’s response!

Steven Tate

You have to get ready; you have to stay ready! Who wants to line up across from this Tiger? I hope Steven and this young man had a great game day.

Kris Brewer

The tweet contest is all about capturing the essence of game day—whether on the Plain or elsewhere. Kris tweeted earlier that he was celebrating game day from Bozeman, Montana; so he’s our leading distance entry so far.

Geoff Parsh

Geoff’s tweet is simple, obviously. But, when you tweet about a play this pretty . . .

. . . you’ve got a chance. So Geoff’s got a chance this week.


There they are—the week 1 finalists. Who gets the prize? You decide!

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Week 1 Tweet Contest

Stay tuned for details on the Week 2 contest. Good luck, and War Eagle!

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