Tiger Walk: Auburn vs. Mississippi State, 2017

Tiger Walk 2017

What time is Tiger Walk for Auburn’s Stripe the Stadium game against Mississippi State on September 30, 2017? And, what color are Auburn fans wearing to the game?

According to AuburnTigers.com, kickoff for Auburn vs. Mississippi State will be at 5:00 pm CT, and Tiger Walk will be at 3:00 pm CT.

Here’s the Stripe the Stadium map for which color to wear in what section.

You can see dates for Auburn’s remaining 2017 special events right here.

Now, as for the game itself . . .

Mississippi State whipped two non-power-five opponents, then beat down LSU before receiving a beat down of their own from Georgia. Who knows which Bulldogs will show up Saturday?

Auburn is equally—if not more so—mysterious. Jarrett Stidham looked sub-Heismanal against a great defense—when he was also handcuffed by atrociously inept play-calling—and, of course, looked mostly solid against our other opponents.

What we don’t know yet is how he’ll look against an ok-but-not-great defense. Hopefully, the timing for that revelation favors the Tigers. Ok—State may not have an ok defense. But, they have to be better than Missouri.

Auburn is favored over State by 10 points or so. That makes some folks more nervous than others. I’m ok with it. When I think of Auburn blowing games we’re supposed to win, I tend to remember being double-touchdown favorites, not just double-digit favorites.
2017 All Auburn All Orange
In fact, I think we will win this game by two touchdowns, or maybe four or five. I’m that confident that once our defense sufficiently smothers them, the Bulldogs will lay down.

Then our offense—after already starting well—will coast to a big day.

Speaking of big days, Daniel Carlson certainly had one last Saturday—big enough to renew his Groza hopes.

That guy from Utah is in the driver’s seat, but many kicks remain to be spotted.

See you at Tiger Walk, and See You At Toomer’s!

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Josh Dowdy

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