Tiger Walk: Auburn vs. Georgia Southern, 2017

Tiger Walk 2017

What time is Tiger Walk for Auburn’s game against Georgia Southern on September 2, 2017? And, what color are Auburn fans wearing to the game?

According to AuburnTigers.com, kickoff for Auburn vs. Georgia Southern will be at 6:30 pm CT, and Tiger Walk will be at 4:30 pm CT.

Georgia Southern is the 2017 All Auburn All Orange game. So, wear orange! You can see dates for Auburn’s remaining 2017 special events right here.

Now, about the game itself . . .

Here are some big questions for Saturday (Remember, if you experience burning questions, see your doctor.)

  • Will Georgia Southern’s old-fangled offense give Auburn fits?
  • Will Jarrett Stidham look like a Heisman candidate?
  • Can Auburn cover the 35-point spread?

2017 All Auburn All Orange

Here’s what I expect. Jarrett Stidham will throw three touchdown passes. Kamryn Pettway and Kerryon Johnson will run for at least one each. Auburn’s defense will not surrender a touchdown.

Will Daniel Carlson kick a long field goal? Probably. Will he kick many field goals? No—two at the most.

As I think about it—I bet Sean White will also throw a touchdown pass Saturday. So that answers all our questions, one way or another. But, there is another question.

Who will win the first ever Heart of Auburn tweet contest? That I cannot answer. The people will decide.

And, here is yet another question. What will the solar-eclipse-ticket sunglasses look like? Auburn offered a special on $20 tickets Monday, with a pair of sunglasses included with each order. I might have taken advantage had it been per ticket, and had they shown us what they looked like. It wasn’t, and they didn’t.

Will these things be lying around along the sidewalks and such after the game? Maybe a pair or two. We’ll see.

Football season is here, friends. See you at Tiger Walk. See you at Toomer’s. War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

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