Samuel’s Intangibles: Mercer Edition

Aubie the Tiger

Each week columnist Sam Lasseter shares from his unique perspective and predicts the outcome for Saturday’s game.

Well, your prophet was wrong against Clemson. I hate being wrong about our beloved Tigers, but I was.

So stone me if you wish, but I will never pick Auburn to lose any game, no matter the odds. I don’t think our odds of losing against Mercer are all that great, but what I think many Auburn fans expect is some glimmer of hope for 2017.

I will continue to provide that hope even if it isn’t in a man named Malzhan or Jacobs. Our love for Auburn is not based on the name of a Coach, AD, or otherwise—it is in Auburn. It is in a team and University we all love, in spite of what some may think are our warts. I can say they are badges of honor.

Sure, we could win every game ever conceived, but I’d rather be for Auburn and those young men and women who wear the orange and blue. Our team, our players and our University deserve our support. I simply Believe in Auburn and LOVE it.

Auburn will not let us down this homecoming weekend.

Auburn 55 — Mercer 10

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is an Auburn graduate, fan and historian. An active member of the Huntsville running community, Sam has completed 21 marathons and ultra runs.
Sam Lasseter

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