More Exclusive Video: Half The Best Play From Saturday

Jarrett Stidham 2017

The best play from Auburn’s win over Georgia Southern—Jarrett Stidham’s NFL quality touchdown pass to Receptor Blanco—happened right in front of me.

And I missed it because I was trying to film it. Fan fail. Guerilla journalist fail. 🙁 But, at least I got the throw.

By the way, this video includes the play right before the touchdown, a six-yard run on fourth down by Malik Miller.

I even zoomed out because I could sense the pass play coming. And the ball zips through the frame when I tried to track it. Ugh.

WDE hat

Anyhow, I thought some of y’all might find this poor execution on my part amusing. It certainly contrasts the excellent execution by Stidham and Hastings on the play!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about Auburn stuff from roughly the same perspective as your own, possibly. Twenty people enjoyed his Tuberville book.
Josh Dowdy

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