10 Thoughts For 15 Days Till Kickoff

Aubie the Tiger

Fifteen days till Auburn kicks off the 2017 season. We’re in that place now where it’s already football season, we just don’t realize it yet.

Whether these ten thoughts will delaminate or reinforce that illusion, I cannot guarantee. Regardless, here they are. Good luck!

1. The O-Line Unknown Is No Big Deal

If we were playing Clemson on Sept 2 instead of Sept 9, we might worry about not knowing our starters up front. Thankfully, we’re not. We do have a game Sept 2; and when you play a game, it really just means more.

Continuing the offensive line tryout through the first game of 2017 is very different from extending the quarterback tryout into the first game(s) of 2016.

2. Sean White Is Everyone’s Favorite Auburn Player Right Now

And he deserves it for many reasons.

3. Daniel Carlson Will Once Again Not Win The Groza

As confidence for 2017 continues to grow, no one expects Auburn to kick enough field goals for Carlson to finally win the award. If he goes 12 for 12, he’ll have a body-of-work argument. But, if somebody out west goes 30 for 32, I don’t think we’ll get the votes.

Ask me one more time if I’m growing a beard for the wedding.

4. John Franklin Leaving Is a Good Sign

I’ve got no hard feelings for John Franklin. I’m choosing to say his transferring is a good sign because it means our receivers performed well enough in camp not to let a converted quarterback win serious playing time.

5. Igbinoghene Is A Name We Can Learn To Say Together

I haven’t heard Rod say it yet, but here’s one CBS newslady’s enunciation.

6. Stidham’s Kindred Spirit

Jarrett Stidham and Spirit are both first-year starters following proven winners.

7. Tiger Walk Won’t Be Picture Perfect

If you have reason to navigate near Heisman and Donahue around two hours prior to kickoff, keep in mind the Tiger Walk crowd dynamic will be different this season due to ongoing construction.

8. #OurTime Is Now, But . . .

The Our Time hashslogan will not catch fire, despite the team being very, very good.

Hey man, what if Clemson looks like a very, very good football team against us, and yet we still beat them convincingly, and then the players all wear #OurTime tee shirts for the Mercer Tiger Walk?

Ok—if that happens, it’ll work out.

9. Will Hastings Is Finally On Scholarship

Receptor Blanco went full Welker against Clemson last season, but then dropped off somehow. Apparently he proved in Fall camp that his tuition should be smothered and covered.

10. The 2004 Flashbacks Will Be Delightfully AUsome

It’s Chip Lindsey’s offense, but I do expect to see a few Al Borges signatures here and there.

People will make side-by-side videos. It’ll be great.

These are the final moments before what promises to be a beautiful season. Slow them down if you can. The time to savor 2017 is right now. War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about Auburn stuff from roughly the same perspective as your own, possibly. Twenty people enjoyed his Tuberville book.
Josh Dowdy

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