Three Thoughts On Bo Jackson’s Nephew Committing To Auburn

His name is Shedrick Jackson. He’s a wide receiver for the Hoover Buccaneers. On Monday, he committed to play for Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers.

Here are three thoughts on that news.

1. Whew!

Not getting a commitment from Jackson would have been truly horrible and depressing. The internet says he had offers from nine other schools, and we can guess some others might have come in over the next few months. Losing Jackson to anyone would have been a monumental failure.

If Bo Jackson’s nephew had committed somewhere besides Auburn on the same day we found out Nova won’t be doing pregame flights this season, I would’ve abandoned all hope for 2017.

That’s not true, of course. I still would’ve expected us to win 15 games, but I wouldn’t have felt as good about it. Like when you go to the dentist, and he says nothing’s wrong; but, go ahead and make an appointment for next week; because, yeah—something is wrong.

2. No Pressure!

From Shedrick’s commitment video—Yes, I am cringing a little just at the thought of knowing such a thing is normal now. I should get in the business of filming commitment videos for the kids eh-el doesn’t care about. I’ve clearly got a knack for videography.

What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. From this video you can see that he’s embracing the legacy. That’s good. No one expects him to be the Bo Jackson of wide receivers. But, he does set the bar high for himself in, in that he comes across as a very well-adjusted, mature young man. At Auburn, that’s what he’s got to live up to.

Also in the video you can see that his muscles look like Bo’s—not as big, but there’s some familiar quality there. Related or not, I’m all for Auburn fielding players with muscles anything like Bo Jackson’s.

3. Hoover Is Happening!

Now I’ve got a reason to keep an eye on Hoover football in 2017. Here’s what Shedrick did for them last season.

He runs past people; over people. He catches the ball with coverage in his armpit. It’s gonna be fun to look at Hoover, and see a glimpse of Auburn’s future this season. War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

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