If Auburn’s 2017 Will Be Special, When Will We Know?

Auburn Football 2017

Kerryon Johnson knows how to work Twitter. He routinely catches trolls, ties their tails together and sets them on fire. Other times he gives us insight to the life of a college athlete.

But, he really got people’s attention with this tweet Monday night.

I can believe this team will be special. I cannot, however, already see it the way Kerryon does, because, well—I wasn’t at the workout.

If you weren’t either, then we’ll both have to wait. How long? We’ll talk about that shortly. First, let’s recall the moments when we knew some previous special Auburn seasons would never be forgotten.


Though only the third game of the season, we knew this team was special because of how they beat fifth-ranked LSU. The defense we played to keep it close, and the poise the offense showed on the last drive told us we had a team that could win the big game; one that could prevail in the big moment.

The whippin’ they put on Tennessee two weeks later at Knoxville was just when everyone else found out.


Some folks may have figured this one out earlier than others. I won’t say I knew it at 4–0, after beating no. 12 South Carolina. I will say I felt it before win number eight, when they could’ve given the Heisman to Cam in the locker room after beating LSU.

I knew it the week before. Giving up 43 points is never good. But, something told me if we could take that kind of damage, and still win by 22 (over Arkansas, who was ranked 12th), we weren’t going to lose to anyone.


With this season, some of us didn’t see it until it was obvious. No one gave Auburn a chance against Johnny Manziel at College Station. When he hit the turf the final time, everyone knew Auburn was for real.

We probably should have known it after LSU. It’s never easy to draw confidence from a loss, but our team showed guts that night in the second half. They showed what we could expect the rest of the season.


That brings us to the question of Auburn’s next special season. Is it dawning as we speak? If so, when will we see the light?

The obvious first guess will be week 2, at Clemson. It’s easy to look at Clemson, and say, Deshaun Watson has left the building, and the party is definitely over. That may be true, but it’s not what the pundits are thinking just yet, as most have the Fightin’ Dabos a preseason Top 10.

Can our team make a defining moment that early? I don’t think so. We just won’t know what anyone really has yet.

The next best guess is game seven, at Baton Rouge. Auburn has not won down there since 1999. So if we come home 7–0, everyone’s gonna be feeling pretty special.

The most intriguing possibility is that we somehow see it between those two games. And, we know that Auburn is the most intriguing team in college football. So that’s where I’m placing my bet. More specifically, I’ll guess the Mississippi State game.

What exactly could we do against a traditional State team to unveil a special Auburn season in the making?

I don’t know, but I get pretty pumped thinking about it. See you in the weight room.

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

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