2017 All Auburn All Orange, True Blue, Stripe The Stadium and Military Appreciation Games

Auburn Athletics has not publicly announced the Military Appreciation and color coordination games for 2017 yet, but we do have this graphic, and we’ve got reason to presume it reliable.

2017 All Auburn All Orange True Blue Stripe the Stadium Military Appreciation

This image was tweeted by Clint from the Auburn Uniform Database. He attributes it to a source. I haven’t corroborated these dates, but I do know that Clint scooped the color games last year by a couple months, and his information later proved accurate.

So until further notice, we can plan for the 2017 season accordingly:

  • Wear Orange – Georgia Southern, September 2
  • Stripe the Stadium – Mississippi State, September 30
  • Military Appreciation – Ole Miss, October 7
  • True Blue – Georgia, November 11

The first thing that jumps out from these dates is that there’s only one Wear Orange game. You may recall that last season three of the first four games were Orange, and the other one was Stripe the Stadium. So for some folks the first four games were Wear Orange. The students said that was too much.

If the Stripe the Stadium game flip-flops the sections again this year, the students will wear Navy this time.

Hopefully, in 2017 our Stripe the Stadium will be unlike both previous events, when we made pretty pictures, but lost the games (to Ole Miss in 2015; Texas A&M last year).

Also noticeable is that there’s no designation for the Alabama game. There wasn’t any prior to the season in 2015 either, but Navy was designated the week of the game.

The 2013 Alabama game was True Blue. The 2011 and 2009 games were both All Orange. As for 2007, well—everything was always orange in those days.

Another difference is that there isn’t a color for the Military Appreciation game. Last year it was Wear Navy. The image above pushes a white shirt. I’d be surprised if that’s the shirt, and it’s pushed that way for the game. But, who knows—we did do white shirts for a basketball game last season.

A-Day is now behind us, and the seemingly slow train comin’ is deceptively picking up speed. Whatever color socks you’re wearing, hold on to them!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy is the editor for Heart of Auburn. He has also contributed to Bleacher Report and College & Magnolia. Dowdy is the author of Orange is Our Color: The Tuberville Years through Navy-tinted Glasses.
Josh Dowdy

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