On To Vict’ry: Auburn Basketball Whips Alabama

In early December I decided my family was due for a trip to Auburn. Why not make it an event they hadn’t previously attended? So I chose an Auburn basketball game. But, not just any AU b-ball game—the Alabama game on January 21st.

Our trip to the mother land was 3 ½ hours, but when I saw the Auburn University sign on Highway 147, I thought to myself, I’m home. Auburn is a place I will always regard as home, no matter how many times or how few times I get to visit in a year.

When we arrived on the Plains we found our parking spot, and made our way to the arena. The atmosphere was one of anticipation—I had longed for the game day experience since my last trip to Auburn in October of 2014.

We made our way to our seats. Or, so we thought—we had actually settled down in the wrong section. A bad omen? Or, a precursor to moving on to something better? I like to think our seating faux pas set the stage for how the game would go down. It was a tale of two halves.

The crowd was nervously electric throughout the first half, with Auburn failing to take the lead and settling for a 30–30 tie with the team from Tuscaloosa. The scene was set for a close battle in the second half, or so most people thought; including myself. Instead, what we witnessed was a thing of beauty.

This band of Tigers proved us wrong, and put on their best second-half performance of the season en route to a blow out victory over our arch-rivals from Tuscaloosa, 84–64. The 3’s were falling, our big man was dunking and Auburn fans were going nuts! It was definitely a fun time at Auburn Arena!

Shortly after the game my son looked at me and said “I’m still undefeated”. He is now 9–0 when attending Auburn sporting events—a record that makes me very proud. I ran my personal record to 8–1 when attending sporting events against Alabama.

My only loss is from Feb 14, 1996—a game I’ve mostly blotted from memory. The post-game walk to the car did not have the allure of my first Auburn basketball game (1986) against Alabama, which we won by 2. Afterwards I heard a lady remark, “Watch out so you don’t step in any cow dung!” I’ll let you figure out her allegiance.

A history of winning. That’s simply what the first person to ever register for Camp War Eagle does when he attends Auburn sporting events with his family! I guess the moral of this story is I need to attend more Auburn events with my family! In fact, maybe we should go to the Iron Bowl, again.

WAR “DAMN” EAGLE friends!

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter

Sam Lasseter is an Auburn graduate, fan and historian. An active member of the Huntsville running community, Sam has completed 21 marathons and ultra runs.
Sam Lasseter

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