Barns and Stripes Forever: Auburn Folks Like Striping the Stadium

Auburn will Stripe the Stadium Saturday for our game against Texas A&M.

It will be the second such color-coordinated game. Our first Stripe the Stadium game was last season. We lost to Ole Miss, but the Auburn Family clearly supported the striping instructions.

Jordan-Hare Stadium panorama

That’s a picture I took from high atop the upper deck—with no alterations to show how much color was where. Am I saying some of the photos you’ve seen were adjusted to suggest even better participation than the reality? Well . . .

Regardless, the striping effort was strong—strong enough that maybe a poll asking people how they feel about it was unnecessary. But, Auburn people will go along with things like Stripe the Stadium, All Auburn All Orange and True Blue even if they don’t like it.

At least, that’s how it seems to me. The Auburn Family is willing to support something in practice even if we’re not crazy about it in theory. We’re team players.

Now, about the actual data. Here’s a poll run via Twitter from late Wednesday night through Thursday.

So about half our respondents are fired up to Stripe the Stadium. Another third are OK with it. And 12% of those responding think it’s basically the worse thing imaginable.

Oh, and if Aubie having a little sister doesn’t ring a bell, it was his April Fools’ Joke.

Granted, we may have skewed the results by writing such a catchy—even patriotic (barntriotic?)—choice for the fully-pro-striping option. So that increases the margin for error a little.

By the way—Yes, the 2016 Stripe the Stadium layout is the opposite of last year’s. If you bought  a special orange shirt last year, and you’re sitting in the same seats this year, you need to buy a special blue shirt this year.

Another by the way—last year’s Stripe the Stadium game was also 360° picture day. I haven’t heard anything about doing that for any games this year. Gone out of fashion? I hope not. I think they’re fun.

Stripe the Stadium (if you want to). Beat A&M. War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

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