12 Auburn All-Stars From The Jordan-Hare Gigapixel

Auburn stripe the stadium

What does the Auburn Family look like? An impossible question, perhaps. Or, maybe not. We can see at least one perspective, in many faces, by looking all around Jordan-Hare on an Auburn game day. That’s what the gigapixel lets us do. It’s fun to find yourself. It’s more fun to find everyone else.

Here are 12 images from Saturday’s 360° photo that caught my attention for some reason or another.

1. The Highest Award

Auburn ROTC

Here’s an especially dignified beginning for our scenes from the stadium. The panoramic picture was taken while a Medal of Honor recipient was being recognized on the field.

2. Super Fans

Super Fans

A different sort of dignity, if you will. Too bad the Super Fans were watching the Apocatron.

3. Aubie


Like our ROTC representatives, Aubie was at attention. Well, of a sort. He needed winding up!

4. Big Brother, Big Yawn

Auburn Jordan-Hare Yawn

This guy also needed winding up. Eleven o’clock, y’all. It ain’t right.

5. Before Bruce Pearl, Before Who Saw It Burn, Before Lunatics . . .

Auburn Cliff Dwellers

But it wasn’t too early for this scholar, who looks a little young to have been in college since 2004.

6. Stay Puff

Auburn Ole Miss Stay Puff

Stay Puff made a few appearances on the Apocatron, which he’s seen here watching. Too bad he wasn’t saluting!

7. Ghost Bride

Auburn gigapixel zombie bride

Also appearing on the ‘tron was this apparitioness.

Auburn Ghost Bride

8. Mustache Guy, I Think

Auburn mustache guy

Is that Mustache Guy?

9. Law & Order, More or Less

Auburn gigapixel smile

There’s a lot going on here. Just what—I don’t know. I do know Getty captured a much different mood of the Nick Marshall fan who above looks like—well, like she showed up for a football game at 9:00 am.

10. Left Sharks

Auburn Jordan-Hare Left Sharks

These Left Sharks look like they could be L–– sharks, except that one appears to have a Tiger tail.

11. Guess Who

Auburn Tigers gigapixel

I guess they were trying to get into this post. There’s nothing creepy about this. Nothing at all.

12. Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson Auburn qb gigapixel

I didn’t get this close to Jeremy Johnson at Tiger Walk. And this picture isn’t zoomed all the way in. If you visit the sideline via the gigapixel, you can get about as close up as you like.

There you have it—the Gigapixel All-Stars. Did I leave out someone deserving? Let me know.

I hope we take another picture at the Alabama game. These things are always more fun when they’re from a win.

War Eagle!

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy writes about civility and ceremony in the Auburn covenant; e.g. sein Tuberville-Buch.
Josh Dowdy

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