16 Auburn Tigers Who Made Tecmo Super Bowl A Damn Blood Lettin’

Bo Jackson Tecmo Super Bowl

Auburn was the premier college football program of the 1980s. Though Auburn’s history of winning championships predates Bo Over the Top—by a hundred years—it was the resurgence under Pat Dye’s leadership that built the foundation we’re still standing on today.

The effects of Auburn’s dominance in the 1980s are diverse and far reaching. One result of being so good in the ’80s was that we sent several players to the NFL from that decade. And because the greatest NFL video game of all time was released in 1991, it features several Auburn Tigers.

You know about Tecmo Bo. We talked about him a little in our recent post on Neil Caudle’s 2010 Iron Bowl. But, do you know the other 15 Auburn Tigers of 8-bit, dual-sun glory? Let’s take a look.

The Auburn Tigers of Tecmo Super Bowl


Tracy Rocker, Washington Redskins

Rocker is one of Auburn’s all-time defensive greats. The two-time All American won both the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award in 1988. Rocker made 354 total tackles with 21 sacks in his Auburn career.

Rocker played for the Redskins in 1989 and 1990. He began his coaching career shortly thereafter and steadily worked his way up the ranks. He’s currently the defensive line coach at Georgia, and in 2014 was given the title Associate Head Coach.

Tecmo Tracy is solid. He’s not one of the game’s dominant linebackers, but he’s serviceable for stopping the run.

Kevin Greene, Los Angeles Rams

Kevin Greene has the distinction of being cut as a walk on to Pat Dye’s team in the early eighties. Greene tried out again and, of course, made the team, an accomplishment with dire consequences to countless quarterbacks. Greene made 11 sacks for the Tigers in 1984, and he was just getting started.

Greene played 15 season in the NFL and recorded 160 sacks in his professional career. He made 37 tackles and 14.5 sacks in 1996 on his way to winning Defensive Player of the Year. Greene made 12 sacks in his final NFL season, 1999.

On Tecmo Greene has exceptional speed for a linebacker, making him the Rams’ most versatile defender.

Alexander Wright, Dallas Cowboys

Alexander Wright played for the Tigers from 1986-1989 and ranks 15th all-time in receiving yardage with 1,320 yards on 56 catches. Wright’s senior season ranks him second all-time at Auburn with regards to most yards per reception in a single season: 714 yards on 30 catches for an average of 23.80.

Wright’s banner day statistically was the 1989 season opener against Pacific. He caught five passes for 263 yards and four touchdowns (Tecmo numbers, one might say). My favorite Wright memory, however, is this catch from his last regular season game as an Auburn Tiger.

Gonna throw long to Alexander Wright . . .

Wright never really had a break out season in the NFL. His career peaked in 1993 when he made 27 catches for 462 yards with the Raiders.

It’s easy to overlook Wright on Tecmo. He’s on the Cowboys’ bench behind starters Kelvin Martin and Michael Irvin. But Wright is solid. He’s good enough that if you want to put him in just to beat a bammer with him, he won’t let you down.

Steve Wallace, San Francisco 49ers

As an offensive tackle Steve Wallace blocked for the ultimate Tecmo Tiger, Bo Jackson, his entire collegiate career, including 1985, when Bo won the Heisman, and Wallace was selected All-SEC.

Wallace played for San Francisco from 1986-1996 and has more Super Bowl rings than any other former Tiger (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX).

In some regard, little can be said about Tecmo Wallace because he plays on the offensive line. On the other hand, his hitting power of 63 and that he blocks for Joe Montana says enough.

Brent Fullwood, Green Bay Packers

Brent Fullwood had an incredible career as a Tiger. His place in memory will always be skewed because he played in the same backfield as Bo Jackson. Fullwood ranks eighth in school history for career rushing yards and ninth for all-purpose yards.

When Fullwood got the chance to step out of Bo’s shadow in 1986, he took advantage, rushing for 1,391 yards.

Fullwood played four season for the Green Bay Packers, totaling 1,702 yards on 433 carries.

Tecmo Fullwood is on the bench. Fullwood is like Tecmo Tracy Rocker—his Tecmo likeness reflects his record in the NFL rather than the ability he displayed at Auburn.

Tommie Agee, Dallas Cowboys

Tommie Agee ranks 20th all-time in career rushing yardage for Auburn. His bigger contribution, however, was his blocking as a fullback for both Bo Jackson and Brent Fullwood. Agee made 22 knockdown blocks in support of Jackson’s 290-yard game against Southwestern Louisiana in 1985.

Agee began his professional career in Seattle and then played one season for the Chiefs before his five seasons as a Cowboy. While playing for Dallas, Agee earned two Super Bowl Rings.

Tecmo Agee’s maximum speed is 25 (by comparison, James Brooks’ is 56; Bo’s is 75!). It really shows. Agee is good for a yard or two up the middle when the defense is really looking for an Emmit Smith run to the outside or a pass; but, that is all.

Brian Smith, Los Angeles Rams

Brian Smith played on the great Auburn defenses of the late eighties. For his performance in a 20-10 win over Georgia in 1988 Smith was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week.

Smith played two seasons for the Los Angeles Rams. Though primarily a linebacker at Auburn, Smith filled in a lack of depth on the Rams’ defensive line late in the 1989 season, and that is where he lines up in Tecmo Super Bowl.

On Tecmo Smith has decent speed for a down lineman, but he plays on a D that overall isn’t very good.

Ed West, Green Bay Packers

Ed West led Auburn with 16 receptions in 1983.

West played 14 seasons in the NFL; 11 with Green Bay. He finished his career with 2,665 yards receiving on 237 catches.

Tecmo Ed’s rushing power of 69 really shows up after a catch.

Walter Reeves, Phoenix Cardinals

Walter Reeves was an All-American tight end in 1988.

Reeves played eight seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Cardinals. He finished his career in 1996 with 347 yards on 55 catches.

The tight end generally does not play a big role on Tecmo. And Reeves plays for a weak team, with a weak quarterback, but he holds his own compared to other Tecmo tight ends.

Al Del Greco, Phoenix Cardinals

Al Del Greco kicked for Auburn from 1980-1983 and is tied for fifth most field goals made with 42. He ranks seventh in scoring with 236 points. He holds the Auburn record for most field goals in a game—six against Kentucky in 1982.

Del Greco enjoyed a 17-year NFL career over which he made 77.3% of his field goal attempts.

Del Greco is not one of the higher-rated Tecmo kickers. This discrepancy between Del Greco’s NFL numbers and his Tecmo ability is not a misrepresentation. The fact is Del Greco’s seasons after the release of Tecmo Super Bowl are markedly the more successful half of his career.


James Brooks, Cincinnati Bengals

James Brooks was a remarkable running back during an unremarkable time for Auburn Football (1977-1980). Brooks led the Tigers in rushing in 1980 with 1,314 yards on 261 carries. Also an accomplished punt and kickoff returner, Brooks is Auburn’s all-time leader in all-purpose yards with 5,596.

Brooks spent most of his NFL career with the Cincinnati Bengals, and as a Bengal he made the Pro Bowl four times. His most productive season was 1986, when he rushed for 1,087 yards and also had 686 yards receiving.

Tecmo rates Brooks’ maximum speed at 56, which is better than average, and Brooks feels a little quicker than that when playing the game. He is a smooth runner with clean jukes. The combination of Brooks with Icky Woods gives the Bengals a solid running game.

I only wish Brooks was joined on Tecmo by his Auburn contemporary, Joe Cribbs.

Chris Martin, Kansas City Chiefs

Chris Martin led Auburn in 1980 with 124 total tackles and ranks 6th all-time for the Tigers with 374 career tackles.

Martin played 12 seasons in the NFL; for the Saints, Chiefs, Vikings, and Rams. He accumulated 20.5 sacks. Against Miami on October 13, 1991 Martin returned a fumble 100 yards for a touchdown.

Martin isn’t one of Tecmo’s best linebackers, but his hitting power and quickness make him a solid player.

Gerald Williams, Pittsburgh Steelers

Gerald Williams was selected All-SEC at defensive tackle in 1985. Against Southern Miss in ’85 Williams made 12 tackles, including four tackles for loss.

Williams played 12 seasons in the NFL, racking up 25.5 sacks.

Generally, the use of down linemen is prohibited for tournaments and online play in the Tecmo community. Nonetheless, Williams is a top-tier defensive lineman who can fight off a block pretty quick. He factors into both pass rush and run defense even when not selected pre-snap.

Doug Smith, Houston Oilers

Doug Smith was an All-SEC defensive tackle at Auburn in 1982 and 1983.

Smith played eight seasons for the Houston Oilers and made a total of 14 sacks. He intercepted a pass in 1988, which he returned 20 yards.

On Tecmo Smith is only a little above average for down linemen. He is certainly good enough to fight off a block and make a play.

Kevin Porter, Kansas City Chiefs

Kevin Porter was an All-SEC cornerback at Auburn in 1987.

Porter played six seasons in the NFL; five with Kansas City. He finished his career with 1.5 sacks and 1 interception, which he returned 13 yards.

Porter has goodbut not greatspeed. His interceptions rating is 38, but he seems to pick off passes more frequently that that rating indicates.

The Tecmo Tigers Pro Bowl

I know what you’re thinking. With all these Auburn Tigers on Tecmo, shouldn’t we put them all on the Pro Bowl rosters for a sort of NFL A-Day? Yes, we should. AWB and I did so one time, and I hoped we would have a great game with a close finish, and then put the video on youtube. It didn’t work out.

Anyhow, here’s a breakdown of who plays where:

Auburn Tigers Tecmo Bowl

And for now the only Auburn tecmo video we’ve produced is this:

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