Has Oregon Been Declared 2010 BCS Champions Yet?

Auburn’s 2010 BCS championship season is one that will never die. It will never go away. In fact, it made headlines in 2013, when the NCAA announced sanctions against Auburn’s BCS championship game opponent, Oregon, for recruiting violations committed in 2010.

Of course, in 2010 no one was talking about Oregon as a suspect for cheating. No one was talking about Auburn as a suspect, either. Instead, basically the whole country outside of the Auburn Family was already treating Auburn as a convict—tried and found guilty in the court of media bias.

By “media bias” I don’t mean in favor of a certain team, but rather their allegiance to ratings and web traffic, rather than to truth or even basic journalistic responsibility.

Here is a delightful example (h/t Darren Gibson):

Notice the time stamp: just a couple hours after Wes Byrum hit the winning field goal in the championship game. The business of selling hate against Auburn was good. A lot of people were buying it. A lot of people still are, even despite this:

2010 BCS Champions

As for the “journalist” cited above, we have to ask: Is he incompetent, or irresponsible? If he really believed—based simply on consensus media sentiment—that Auburn would be stripped of the 2010 BCS championship, he is incompetent. If he said something he did not really believe just for the sake of getting a few retweets, he is irresponsible.

Either way, the Auburn Tigers are still the 2010 BCS Champions.

While we’re posting Auburn-hate tweets, here’s a more recent one:

I really just wanted to post the above here for posterity. We’ll refer back to this tweet at mid-season and see if he/she/it has any comment.

At the same time, we might pose the same questions from above regarding this tweet. Does this individual really think Auburn will win fewer than seven games, or is he simply selling a popular notion—that of “we hate Auburn, so they must suck.” Obviously, there’s no need to hold The Arkansas Logo to the same standard as an ESPN employee, but the two sources—and everyone else on the anti-Gus-bus—have something in common:

They’ve all been proven wrong regarding 2010, and they will all be proven wrong again in 2013.

Josh Dowdy

Josh Dowdy

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