Finally, a Blog about Auburn Football!

Finally, a Blog about Auburn Football! Thank you for visiting Orange Is Our Color (now Heart of Auburn). Today we will break down what this blog will be about, what it will not be about, and how its approach will differ from that of other Auburn football blogs.

The focus of this site will be Auburn football, both past and present. Although I am soon publishing a history of the Tuberville era, most of the entries here will provide commentary on current happenings in the life of the AU football program and the Auburn Family.

How will this site differ from the many Auburn blogs already out there? This blog’s focus will be the same as many others, but here we will examine Auburn football with the following questions in mind: How do we—the Auburn Family—perceive our own identity? What role does Auburn football play in determining our self-identity?

What makes Auburn fans the Auburn Family?
What makes Auburn fans the Auburn Family?

Blogging within this framework does not mean that every post will address the above questions directly. Rather, those questions will provide the broader inquiry; the entries, hopefully, will make baby steps toward answering these questions, or at least bettering our understanding.

The questions relate to my Tuberville book in that my thesis there is that the big events from the Tuberville decade made so deep an impact upon the Auburn Family’s organizational culture that the effect is still active—and visible—today.

So, just how will we go about this investigation on the blog? Here are some entry types (features) that will appear regularly:

Tradition Thursdays: Some Thursday entries will focus on the background and current practice of various Auburn traditions. These posts will not be standard run downs on the conventional traditions Auburn people already know. Instead, we will look at some traditions that fall outside the official category, or look at official traditions from a slightly different angle.

Blog about Auburn Football!
Ticket stub from a pretty good game.

Ticket Stub Tuesdays: These Tuesday posts will revisit some of the greatand some of the not-so-greatAuburn games of yesteryear. Every game from the Tuberville era is addressed in the book, so these post will generally be on games outside the Tuberville decade.

Auburn Artifacts: This feature will comprise my rendition of the War Eagle Relics series at The War Eagle Reader. Each post will present some Auburn collectible found laying around the house, in the basement, wherever; and discuss its significance to Auburn history and culture. If you have some physical piece of Auburn history you would like to see featured in Auburn Artifacts, let me know.

Again, thanks for stopping by. In the next post (Wednesday), we will look at why the Tuberville era still matters today. Then, on Friday, we’ll move forward in time a few years, and talk about another Auburn coach, one Gus Malzahn.

War Eagle!

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