10 Takes On Trending Tiger Topics

There’s a time of year that feels more post-football than pre-football. We are definitely in that time of the year. Anyhow, here are 10 thoughts on various topics in the early weeks of 2017. 1 Gus Malzahn’s fifth season as Auburn’s head coach—and thereby the offensive coordinator hire he’ll make for it—feels like it’s make-or-break….

How To Watch Aubie In Tonight’s Mascot National Championship

Aubie the Tiger will be competing in the UCA College Mascot National Championship tonight, hoping to bring home 1st place for the 10th time. Here are two ways you can watch his performance. Firstly, the only way to watch the competition live is to see it online via Varsity TV. The competition begins at 5:00…

Why Gus Malzahn Is Not Gene Chizik 2.0

You may have seen a Chizik-Malzahn comparison floating around this week. It looks like this: Gene Chizik was fired after his fourth season at #Auburn. How would you grade Gus Malzahn after his fourth? #WarEagle pic.twitter.com/F6LcBqTvsV — Kyle Burger (@kyle_burger) January 4, 2017 There’s a couple of intended interpretations for these numbers. Malzahn is not…

5 Little Videos From Today’s Sugar Bowl Practice

Let’s see, in a normal game week, today would be Tuesday. Is that right? I think so. Baylor’s new coach said the other night that Tuesdays are gonna be harder than Saturdays. Coach Dye said Tuesdays were for bucklin’ the chin straps and getting better. Is bowl Tuesday like a regular season Tuesday? Likely not….

Top 10 Posts Of 2016

It’s time to countdown the Top 10 posts of 2016—to remember the fun, the failures and all the football in between. 10. War Eagle: The Legend Devolves (On Purpose?) If we’re using the War Eagle tradition to sell prospective students on our school, should we tell them the truth, or the legend? If you haven’t…